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In Goalunited, the award-winning football management game, you are responsible for managing your very own football club. Train your players, manage your team list and your personnel and build your own stadium. Lead your club with tactical finesse, a bit of luck and patience so you can become the very best!


Become a Mage/Magess, Sorcerer/Sorceress, Druid/Druidess or Shaman! Grow mystical plants and herbs in your farmyard with the help of powerful spells. Become part of an active community, raise your own pet dragon and establish your village as the most beautiful and successful place in Miramagia!

Rail Nation

Build your online railroad empire! As founder of a railroad company you can turn a sleepy small town into a vibrant metropolis. Team up with other players, expand your rail network and become the most influential tycoon throughout 6 exciting eras. Play Rail Nation now!


Travian is an award-winning, international strategy game. Start off as the chief of your little village, establish more of them, lead wars or trade with your neighbours peacefully. Fight your way to the top alongside your allies.

About us

Travian Games GmbH is one of the leading providers of browser-based online games worldwide. The company offers its customers worldwide complex and varied game worlds, with great depth, ensuring long-lasting entertainment for their users. A motivated team of more than 200 employees develops and markets online entertainment for customers of all ages. All games can be played by millions of users worldwide simultaneously and without costly or time-consuming downloads - the only requirements are Internet access and a web browser.


Travian: Kingdoms "to go"

With Travian: Kingdoms we will bring your Travian experience to the next level!
Whether you are using your PC's browser, a tablet on the couch or your smart phone on the go, Travian: Kingdoms is available anywhere so you can check up on your game!
Over the course of the summer, we will release both an Android as well as an iOS app that will be available in the respective app stores.
You can still play on your smart phone until then. Simply access kingdoms.travian.com as normal in your smart phone's browser. You will then see a "light version" without the bells and whistles in graphics. Optimized for quick access on the go and with all important features available.

This smart phone browser version offers you:

  • A light version of the main game, making the game's main features easily and quickly available on mobile devices
  • foregoing pretty graphics, optimized for fast and easy access even without a broadband connection.
  • An innovative way to navigate with clear and easy-to-grasp menus.
  • The fastest and most effective way of managing your empire and keeping in touch with your subjects!


Responsible for the offers on this site:

Travian Games GmbH
Wilhelm-Wagenfeld-Str. 22
80807 München

Registration court: Munich district court
Commercial Register Number: HRB 173511
Sales Tax Identification Number: DE 246258085
Managing Director: Lars Janssen
Telephone: +49 (0)89/32 49 15 93 8 (no game support quiries)
Fax: +49 (0)89/32 49 15 97 3 (only for Plus support quiries)



Youth protection officer:

Attorney Dr. Andreas Lober
BEITEN BURKHARDT Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

Data security officer:

Robin Houben

In support requests please always include nickname + gameworld.

All rights to texts, graphics and source codes are held by Travian Games GmbH.
Travian is a registered trademark of Travian Games GmbH.


Game rules

The game rules complement the General Terms & Conditions. You should also consult the General Terms & Conditions, especially Section §11, if your account is banned, or simply to see what is and isn't allowed.

Attempting to circumvent the game rules will be treated as a violation and shall be punished accordingly. Inciting, manipulating, encouraging, assisting or conspiring with others to violate any of the Travian rules is impermissible. All game rules still apply to players wanting to delete their account or players who are in the process of deleting their account.


  • Avatar: The avatar is your representation in one of the game worlds of Travian: Kingdoms and is bound to your account.
  • Dual: A dual avatar is an avatar that is played by multiple players in order to achieve a longer period of sustained online activity. They play together and confer with each other about what needs to be done for the avatar. A dual avatar is useful as each player can balance the strengths and weaknesses of one another, leading to an overall benefit for the whole avatar. Additionally, all players of the avatar usually have the same rights as the account owner connected to the avatar. So they can also spend your Gold!
  • Sitter: A sitter is a player from your surroundings, or even better, from your alliance, who helps out with your avatar. If possible, you should regularly speak to each other and arrange to be online at different times, ensuring the avatar will be played even more actively by the sitter. Moreover, it is advantageous if each of you has a different focus (offensive/defensive).

§1. Account & Avatar

§1.1 Every player is allowed to have only one account. The account name can only be changed in the account via the edit option and it can only be changed to one of your avatar names. It is not possible to rename an avatar. In addition, the Travian support team is allowed to change an avatar's name at any time, if the name is in violation of the rules.

§1.2 The owner of an account is the person whose email address is associated with the account and who is fully responsible for all actions taken by the account or avatar. The email address used for registering an account must be under the personal and exclusive control of the person who registered the account. The person owning the email address used to register an account is considered the owner of the account, regardless of any other agreements. If you want to change the associated email address, you can do so in your account (http://lobby.travian.com/) via the edit option. In cases of reasonable doubt, multihunters are allowed to ask for the email address of the account for verification purposes. Changing the account’s email address to another person’s email address is considered as the transferal of ownership of the account to that person. The transfer of gold to another (lobby) account is not possible.

§1.3 Passing on the account password is not permitted. If you want to use a dual avatar, you need to add the account of your dual to your avatar.

§1.4 Avatars that are connected via the sitter function may not have the same password. Accounts or avatars that are played from the same computer may also not have the same password. Travian Games does not compensate an account owner for any damages incurred to the avatar by a person who has received the password to the account. No member of Travian Games staff will ever ask for your password.

§1.5 An inactive avatar will be deleted no earlier than 7 days after the last login.

§1.6 The use of alternating email addresses is not allowed and may result in immediate deletion.

§2. Sitting and using the same PC

§2.1 Each account owner can assign one or more sitters, who can play their avatar during the account owner's absence. Sitters must play the assigned avatar according to that avatar's best interest. Misuse of this feature can be punished. Sitters of an avatar can log into the avatar using the login information of their own account.
Travian Games is not liable for damage done by a sitter and no compensation will be given. The account owner is fully responsible for any actions taken by sitters. If a sitter acts in violation of Travian Games' general terms and conditions, both the account/avatar owner, as well as the sitter may be punished.

§2.2 Players sharing a PC and wanting to play the avatars of each other, can do so using the sitter function.

§3. Use of external applications

Travian: Kingdoms must be played using the official Travian: Kingdoms app or an unmodified, convential browser. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 10 and above are all supported, excluding any alpha and beta versions. Moreover, Travian: Kingdoms does not support any third-party mobile application.

Using scripts, bots or apps to automate actions is not allowed.

The use of proxy servers and similar tools to access the game is not forbidden, but it is also not supported. If access to the game is denied to a proxy or a similar tool’s IP address, Travian Games will not rectify the issue.

§4. Program Errors

Errors in the game may not be used to an avatar’s benefit or to impair other accounts. Abuse of any error is punishable. Players who encounter game errors have to report them immediately to our support.

§5. Money and in-game currency transactions

Selling or buying accounts, units, villages, resources, services or any other aspects of Travian: Kingdoms for real money is not permitted. Selling Travian: Kingdoms accounts or indirectly transferring them (even as a gift) in combination with auction pages or other financial transactions is not permitted. Any attempt to manipulate or misuse the in-game auction system of Travian: Kingdoms in order to move game currency from one avatar to another, is not allowed. The transfer of gold to another (lobby) account is not possible.

§6. Netiquette

English is the only officially supported language.

Players must always communicate in a polite manner.

Inappropriate profiles, village names and hero’s names may be edited by multihunters without warning. Alliances with inappropriate names and/or content not in the language of the domain in their profile, public forum and any other public areas may be deleted on sight.

  • The following conduct is strictly forbidden: Abusive, defamatory, sexist, racist or profane language; adverse behavior toward any religion, race, nation, gender, age group, or sexual orientation; real life threats; impersonating Travian: Kingdoms staff or official positions within the company.
  • The game is to be kept free of real world politics.
  • Posting and displaying material not suitable for minors is forbidden.
  • Messages within the game may only be published with the consent of both parties. Publishing messages or emails to or from Travian: Kingdoms staff is forbidden, unless given explicit consent. Advertisements of any kind are not permitted.

§7. Punishments

In cases of a violation of the rules or the General Terms & Conditions, an avatar shall be banned/suspended and may only be released with a punishment in accordance with the violation that occurred. Any losses during the time of a ban/suspension, including Plus accounts and Gold will not be replaced by Travian: Kingdoms.

Every player is treated equally, regardless of their Gold status. Purposefully abusing Travian: Kingdoms's rules regulation system, game mechanics or any other of Travian: Kingdoms's regulatory procedures for one’s benefit or in order to impair others is impermissible.

A ban/suspension may only be discussed with multihunters via the Travian: Kingdoms Help Center. An email may be sent to the community manager if a player is unhappy with a multihunter’s decision. Bans, suspensions or deletions and their consequences will not be discussed in public. Any kind of information regarding actions taken against an avatar shall only given to the account owner. This means the Travian: Kingdoms team can only answer requests sent via the Travian: Kingdoms Help Center directly from the account/avatar, or requests sent from the email address registered to the account.

Multi-accounts on the speed server and/or with a population lower than 100 may be deleted without a ban/warning.

§8. Rule changes and correction clause

TRAVIAN reserves the right to change the rules at any time. If individual provisions of the rules should become ineffective or void, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The community managers endeavor to replace ineffective provisions with new provisions as quickly as possible.

Choose your tribe


  • Very suitable for beginners
  • Very strong in defense
  • Efficient and fast cavalry


  • Speed: high
  • Capacity: medium


  • Very fast
  • Medium cost
  • Medium training duration

Special buildings:

  • Trapper: Captures enemy troops
  • Cranny: 2x more resources are hidden from attackers


  • For experienced strategists
  • Very strong troops
  • Long and expensive training


  • Speed: medium
  • Capacity: medium


  • Expensive training
  • Cheap upkeep
  • Long training duration

Special buildings:

  • Horse Drinking Trough: Reduces cavalry upkeep
  • Trade Office: High merchant bonus


  • For active, warlike players
  • Very strong attack
  • Cheap infantry


  • Speed: slow
  • Capacity: high


  • Cheap training
  • Expensive upkeep
  • Short training duration

Special buildings:

  • Brewery: Bonus on attacking strength
  • Earth Wall: Almost indestructible

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